Fujitsu Sports SDGs

The power of sports will solve various social problems and create a better world. Fujitsu has long been involved in social contribution activities aimed at supporting challenges and living in harmony with local communities through sports. In addition, over the past few years, we have been working to realize a symbiotic society. Fujitsu is committed to promoting the improvement of people’s wellbeing through the realization of a society in which everyone is familiar with sports, regardless of disability.

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Our Activity: Fujitsu Sports Initiatives
Community-based sports development and exchanges through sports with children

“Fureai” Sports Classroom in Kawasaki City and “Terakoya” Activities in the Community
Fujitsu American Football Team Frontiers and Fujitsu Women’s Basketball Team Red Wave are recognized by Kawasaki City as “Kawasaki Sports Partners” and actively support children’s education through sports. In addition to the Kawasaki City “Fureai” Sports Classroom, visiting elementary schools in Kawasaki City to provide practical training, which we have been working on for many years, we also support the Local “Terakoya” Project, which is being developed by the Kawasaki City Board of Education with companies, NPOs, and other organizations, and are conducting activities to convey the joy of sports directly to children.
Chiba Dream Challenge with Sports
Fujitsu Athletics “Track and Field” team, based in Chiba Prefecture, cooperates with the Chiba Prefectural Lifelong Sports Promotion Division to enable children to experience the joy and enjoyment of sports through exchanges in physical education and sports activities at public elementary schools in Chiba Prefecture.
Fujitsu Sports Kids Learning Program
In fiscal 2022, the Corporate Sports Management Office of the Fujitsu Employee Success Unit launched a special program to support children’s growth through the “do, see and support” experience of sports*. In addition to experiencing and watching sports events, the children also collaborate with the team as a staff member to support the training menu. By interacting directly with top athletes and experiencing the work of the staff behind the glamorous field, the children develop the joy of sports, teamwork, and a sense of challenge.
*The first year was limited to children of Fujitsu Group employees.

Our Action and Legacy: Fujitsu Sports’ Vision
Aiming for a more sustainable world where anyone can advance their dreams.

Creation and distribution of access maps and barrier-free maps
Fujitsu has been creating and distributing access maps and barrier-free maps since 2016. The map clearly shows the route from the nearest station around the stadium arena to the stadium, which can be safely passed by wheelchairs and strollers. In fiscal 2021, we collaborated with Kawasaki Frontale to create a barrier-free map to Todoroki Athletic Stadium, and in fiscal 2022, we created and distributed barrier-free maps to Fujitsu Stadium Kawasaki and Todoroki Arena. We have been creating and distributing access maps for the National Stadium since the fall of fiscal 2023.
Experience watching American football and women’s basketball for people with developmental disabilities.
Fujitsu provides sports viewing opportunities for children with developmental disabilities. In the 2022 Frontiers spring interleague games, a sensory room was set up at Fujitsu Stadium Kawasaki, and an American football viewing experience was held for people with developmental disabilities. In January 2023, a spectator experience was held at the Red Wave. The program continued in fiscal 2023.
Watch sports using LiveTalk
LiveTalk, a diversity communication tool developed by Fujitsu, recognizes the speech content and displays it as text in real time. Fujitsu American Football Team Frontiers invited students and their families from Kawasaki City School for the Deaf to participate in X League games and gave explanations by former Frontiers players. We have devised a way for children and families of schools for the deaf to enjoy watching the game while viewing the audio of the commentary converted to text in real time on their smartphones.

LiveTalk can also be translated into foreign languages. The Red Wave Women’s Basketball Team of Fujitsu invited Ukrainian refugees and their friends and acquaintances to a W-League match held at Yokohama Budokan. The audio of Red Wave OG’s commentary in Japanese was converted to Ukrainian text in real time, enabling players to watch the match in unison with the supporters at the venue.

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