The access map of the National Stadium was completed with the cooperation of Fujitsu Athletics (Track and Field) Team!

Fujitsu Athletics created an access map of the National Stadium (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo) in cooperation with its athletes and staff, and began distributing and publishing it in October 2023.
*English translation is based on Zinrai Translation Service.
Fujitsu aims to create a society where everyone with diverse values can enjoy sports together, regardless of their disability. As part of this effort, we are working to create an access map that shows the most reliable route from the stadium where various sports are played to the nearest station. The map shows briefly how easy it is for wheelchair and stroller users to navigate, with few inclines and obstacles, and not too narrow sidewalks.
To date, we have produced access maps of Fujitsu Stadium Kawasaki, the base of the Fujitsu Frontiers of the American Football Team, Todoroki Arena, the base of the Fujitsu Red Wave of the Women’s Basketball Team, Todoroki Athletic Stadium, the base of the Kawasaki Frontale of Japan’s professional soccer team, and Frontown Ikuta. In total, we have distributed more than 52,000 copies at public facilities and nearby elementary and special needs schools.
In May 2023, the Fujitsu Athletics Club conducted a field survey near the National Stadium with Suzuki Yusuke (world record holder for men’s 20 km race walk), Tozawa Tomomi (Asian record holder for para 100m and long jump, T63 class), and members of Fujitsu Sports’ internal support group, and confirmed the route that is easy to use with wheelchairs and strollers.
Suzuki Yusuke and Tozawa Tomomi
In addition, we received information from the Japan Sports Promotion Center (JSC), Shinjuku Ward, Shibuya Ward, and Minato Ward, which operate the National Stadium, and completed the National Stadium Access Map, incorporating knowledge from Universal Design.
We hope this map will help more people enjoy watching athletics.
You can also download the PDF version from the following page.
※The access maps are published in Japanese text only.