Watch the game in the Sensory Room

As part of its efforts to realize a symbiotic society, Fujitsu provides children with developmental disabilities the opportunity to watch sports in the Sensory Room.

The Sensory Room is a special room equipped with a calm-down and cool-down space for children who are suffering from developmental disabilities and sensory sensitivities, so that they can watch the game in peace even if they have problems dealing with large crowds, loud cheers, loud noises and bright lights.
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Fujitsu American Football Team Frontiers Case Study

In 2022, Fujitsu and Frontiers became the first team in American football in Japan to set up a one-day special sensory room at Fujitsu Stadium Kawasaki for children with developmental disabilities and their families.
Children with developmental disabilities are difficult to perceive visually and may be viewed as “just selfish,” even if their behavior is due to their sensory sensitivities. In addition, the sense of sound and light differs from person to person, and even if the person likes sports, there are cases where parents give up watching or participating because it is difficult to deal with loud noises, bright lights and crowds. During the coronavirus pandemic, it seems that children who have difficulty wearing masks due to sensory sensitivity may refrain from going out.
The participants enjoyed watching the game in the relaxing space of the sensory room. One of the children who participated said, “It was amazing to see football for the first time,” and parents said, “It was a precious opportunity for parents and children to enjoy. I hope Fujitsu will continue to do so.” “My child doesn’t like loud noises, but this room is safe. We enjoyed it together.”

Fujitsu Women’s Basketball Team Red Wave Case Study

The photo was taken at the Sensory Room in 2023.
Fujitsu and Red Wave also installed a sensory room in 2022. This was the first attempt by the Women’s Japan Basketball League (W League) to ensure that children with sensory sensitivities associated with developmental disabilities and their families can enjoy basketball in peace.
The children who participated in the event said, “I enjoyed watching basketball. I want to see it again!” and the parents said, “I gave up thinking that watching basketball with 2 children is impossible for my whole life. Thank you very much for letting me experience the game live. I think it has led to great growth not only for my children but also for many of them.”
“Welcome to the Sensory Room. Have fun today!”
Welcome board with autograph of 2 players.
In 2023, Fujitsu also set up several sensory rooms at Frontiers and Red Wave games. We will continue to aim to create a society where everyone can enjoy sports without worry.


Fujitsu won KIDS DESIGN AWARDS 2023 for promoting “sensory room sports viewing experience” for children with developmental disabilities.