Fujitsu Sports Activities

Team Management with the aim of being the best in Japan and in the World.
  • Developing top national athletes capable of competing on the world stage
  • Focus on the competition and an environment that encourages challenge
  • Support for a variety of dual careers for athletes
Social Contribution Activities through Sports.
  • Sports Classes by Fujitsu Athletes
  • Disseminating the appeal of parasports and creating an opportunity for learning
  • Initiatives for a barrier-free mind
Connecting through Sports to create New Value.
  • Co-creation with corporations and local governments, as well as business contributions
  • Fostering a culture of Volunteerism
  • Employees and their families contributing to the well-being of their peers

Fujitsu’s Purpose

Our purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.
The Goal of Fujitsu Sports –The Challenge never ends-
We at Fujitsu know how wonderful it is to have sport in our society and in our daily lives. The athletes and teams are able to focus on the competition and expand their potential thanks to everyone supporting Fujitsu Sports, including the people in the workplace, the community, and fans who support us.
Sport is not only meant for the pursuit of victory, but also to help solve social issues and create a better world by integrating various elements such as well-being, diversity and technology. For many years, we have stood by the thoughts of those who support sports, and through our support of world-class competitions, we have strived to create a society where everyone can live happily and realize a harmonious society.
We will continue to challenge ourselves and to share the exciting experiences through sports, passing on the sports culture to the next generation, and do all sorts of activities together.